Roof Cleaning

Homeowners waste thousands of dollars each year fixing this problem!


Black streaks & green moss on your shingle roof look awful! This is actually an Algae growth called Gloeocapsa Magma . It eats the limestone filler in your roof shingles, absorbs moisture, prevents the shingles from drying, and drastically shortens the lifespan of your roof! and in areas like miami and south florida your home is even more danger of becomeing infected with this algae and many other microorganisms.

Roof Cleaning in Miami

Urbanik Pressure Washing has the power to bring your roof back to life!

Our exclusive Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning process begins with an application of Biodegradable chemicals to the roof, killing and neutralizing the unsightly algae. Then a second application ensures it is 100% eliminated. Each application contains a special additive to inhibit future growth and keep your roof looking newer, longer.

Roof Cleaning is just a fraction of roof replacement cost! Do not make the costly mistake of thinking premature roof replacement is the only way to restore your home’s beauty. The roof cleaning pros at Urbanik Pressure Washing can restore your home’s roof to a like new condition and appearance for far less than the cost of a brand new roof!